EBMB Audio Post


stands for Etter Balázs and Mikó Bálint two enthousiastic people in the audio world. Both committed to the highest quality work, with more than 30 years of experience in the advertising, broadcast and feature films post industry.

EB is a long time industry veteran, while MB is a young sound engineer. These two joined forces to support your next project with the best mix of experience and creativity, taking style and quality to the next level and client's satisfaction to the maximum.

Specialising in all aspects of sound post, Dialogue, ADR, Foley, sound design, sound editing, and mixing from 2.0 Stereo, to 5.1 -7.1 and Dolby Atmos multichanel or 360° VR Audio formats for Television, Games, On-Line Media and Theatrical Releases.

The studio is a one acoustically fine tuned space concept where talent, engineer and also clients share the same room. Equiped with a small selection of pristine quality audio gear beside the usual Pro Tools rigs, the room has a very low NC20 noise level all equipement running.

Calm and relaxed atmosphere is a must for really good creative work. EBMB give priority to this taking only one project at a time, with longer time spent in the studio to experiment and precisely fine tune the final mix. This concept mirrors in the pricing policy also as the studio rate is on a daily basis for only 200.- EUR/day.

Furthermore keeping a friendly atmosphere in all aspects, partners are helped with online services to share their briefs, ideas, and comments or even to be present with Skype or similar connection on the sessions. With this service clients can eliminate the need to travel to the studio premises. Online services also include the usual up and download of materials, as well as approvement and distribution of finals.

When you need something really unique and special, with fresh peoples and fresh ideas in a friendly atmosphere, let give EBMB a try.