Etter Balázs

Balázs Etter a soundengineer, sound-designer, re-recording mixer who started his carreer in 1983 at Magyar Rádió (Hungarian State Radio) as assistant engineer. He became sound engineer with time and took position at the mixing console gradually. This period in his professional life was crucial as he had the opportunity to learn everything in music recording and live broadcast. He also pioneered the early digital technologies when DAT became available and remixed some famous hungarian pop music recordings from the 1960s, using the original 4 and 8 track tapes to digital masters.

In 1990 right after the end of the communist era, he founded the first commercial sound-postproduction studio in Hungary. With international advertising agencies like Ogilvy and Mathers, Saatchi&Saatchi, McCann Ericksson as the first clients, he gained a reputation in the post community with his works on Coca Cola, Shell, Suzuki, Opel and Procter and Gamble advertisings.

The high quality results with commercials led him to film directors who hired him for film sound design, ADR and Foley work with re-recording at the end. He gained experience in all aspects of film sound postproduction over the years, and became supervising sound designer and re-recording mixer for numerous original version hungarian and foreign films like Argo or dubbed versions like Sin City.

Finally he and his friend Bálint Mikó founded EBMB Audio Post studio helping out other post-houses and working for some clients directly.