Mikó Bálint

Mikó Bálint started as a drummer for rock bands, having played with a good number of bands in his early years. Gaining an insight into studio sessions and also having a good knowledge in IT and computer technology his interest turned more and more towards the mixing console and audio engineering.

After receiving an "OKJ Sound technician degree" at Athéné Szakközép Iskola he definitely turned to the professional audio industry. After some live-sound engineering he recorded Szíj Melinda's song which was nominated to Fonogram díj in 2016.

Right before establishing himself as a post production soundengineer he also gained experience in the broadcast industry at Euronews news television.

Now he is a respected mixer and sounddesigner at EBMB Audio Post, for television shows, music, VR audio and YouTube formats, playing drums in his free time with the band The God's Zoo.